BA (Hons) Graphic Design
This award-winning and accredited course explores all aspects of graphic design – from branding, editorial design and illustration to interactive design, motion graphics and typography. With a reputation for producing industry-ready, interdisciplinary graduates, students go on to secure roles and build successful careers across the creative sector.
Finn Thompson
Mia Aldridge
Vanessa Cinova
Daniel Mckoy
Maria Leonor Banha
Chantelle Louise Whittingham
Sadie Goff
Alice Robinson
Halle Jones
Alfie Stijelja
Kerala Clark
Charlotte Greig
Dan Wilkinson
Lydia Wehling
Eve Leckey
Filipe Costa
Isabella Workman
Henry Stafford-Bugg
Yazmin Holder
Grace Robinson
Erin Joyce Meredith
Amanda Allison
Nisha Ark
Callum Pates
Lucy Scott
Joe Fane
Yas Kinsey
Isabelle Jonasson
Izzy Willett
Lauren Nevin