Dawid Nowak
Hi! I'm Dawid Nowak, a final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student who is passionate about branding, motion, music, gaming and fitness. I love being able to design an identity and bring a brand to life. University has been incredibly valuable, I've developed the skill of structuring my work and developing a tested process that consistently works, I've also developed my creative thinking and ideation skills, which have come particularly handy during logo design, as well as when utilising motion, software and 3D skills. NTU also provided me with the opportunity to work alongside people from other disciplines of design and learn how to communicate and keep at my given role. Although my life at University is nearly over, I don't believe education ends here. I've got a vast amount of information to learn and strive to become a successful designer in the branding, packaging or motion fields.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design