Georgie Proctor
Hiya! I’m Georgie. After 3 years of figuring out who I am as a designer, I have established that I love coming up with slightly odd ideas and extensively researching into fascinating topics. My work tends to be focused on concepts, as that is where I feel the most creative and excited. It’s often driven by personal experience, and always aligns with my moral and ethical standpoints. I design in a way that is playful and artistic, with my final year projects including a short film on the peaceful powers of forest bathing. Plus, a zine highlighting the strange collections of miscellaneous items in people’s ‘random shit drawers’ i.e. my eventual passion project. I am music obsessed, love print and publications and can’t turn down a museum. Perfectionism taming chaos, I can’t wait to work in a collaborative environment, doing varied work that will constantly challenge me creatively.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design