Joe Fane
Growing up, I was always excited about the practical, design-based subjects in school, and I feel this has transformed me into a hard-working, creative mind, with a particular interest in branding, campaigning, print, and typography. During my time at university, I’ve tried to explore as many areas of design as possible, including an Etsy store named ‘POMotorsport’, but now I’m super excited to move into an environment where my passion will be my job, and hopefully bring fresh ideas to a creative team. I believe that innovation is the key to success, and I’ve attempted to reflect this thought in my work; whether it’s integrating a CBD-infused water brand into the workout experience to aid the efficiency of gym-goers, or merging classic newspaper features and contemporary editorial design in my final project, witty and well-thought-out concepts are something I pride myself on. All-in-all, I feel prepared to make my mark in the world, both as a cunning creative, and as a person.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design