Yas Kinsey
Hi, I'm Yas, an innovative, imaginative and proactive designer. I noticed how much I appreciated provoking packaging, aesthetically pleasing colour pallets and satisfying typographic compositions in everyday life, whether it be observing a cereal box on my weekly shop or a street sign. This influenced how I designed and targeted different audiences. Throughout final year, I investigated the art of packaging and branding. My interests revolve around forging unique ideas based on careful research done during the process and bringing them visually to life. I like to bring in elements of craft to convey textures that digital cannot replicate. An example of this would be my third project 'Lady Miray' which was shortlisted as part of Brand Opus competition, where I created a spirit tapping into the distinctive history and geography of Cappadocia, Turkey. To illustrate this, I crafted a linoprint. I am excited to venture into the industry to gain vital experience and grow as a designer!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design