Eleanor Duckers
"What if?" This question has been the soundtrack of my life. Fuelled by curiosity, I have always questioned everything, driving those around me mad with my what if’s and why’s. My interest for graphic design began with noticing terrible typefaces on shopfronts, why on earth would they choose that?! What if they did this instead?! Questions I still find myself asking every day. Whilst I have always been a huge perfectionist (yes, I will notice if that pixel is off), my time studying has allowed me to develop my skills, both design and thinking, immensely. I love to gain a deep understanding of the problem before attempting to solve it, conducting thorough research and translating my findings into my design work, not only making things pleasing to the eye but giving them a purpose too. I love to get hands on, often using a range of mixed media in my projects. When I’m not creating, you’ll probably find me in the great outdoors, with nature being a huge inspiration for me and my work.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design