Sadie Goff
My name is Sadie Goff. I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer. I have a passion for branding and marketing but often with hand drawn, illustrative elements. This year my favourite project to do was Hatch’s ‘spirit branding’ brief. Getting to research a specific place, their culture and history. I love the design I created as I feel it is so richly connected to the research I found and has a very unique look. I have found that I am so eager to succeed and will push myself to learn new skills. This has been evident in my third year of university, I have taught myself 3D design, transformed my digital skills, learnt risograph and other printing techniques all to try and execute my vision for a project. After finishing university, I hope to get an internship at a branding design company. Here I can refine my skills and learn about the industry and thrive as a graphic designer.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design