Jemma Jackson
Hi, I'm Jemma. I’m a graphic designer and creative enthusiast. I’m a driven and ambitious individual who strives to make the most out of every opportunity presented to me. Throughout my time at university, I've embraced new experiences, within design and other extracurriculars. My exploration has led me to develop a real passion for branding and packaging. I’ve fallen in love with the whole process of creating a brand identity from scratch and watching it develop with time. I’m often motivated by my personal interests. This is demonstrated in my branding project ‘Vedra’ where the brief was to create a water brand worthy of a cult following. This led me to be inspired by my childhood in Ibiza, using folklore from the island to shape my brand story and designs. One of my favourite things I’ve experienced whilst at university is being part of a team which allows us to bounce ideas off of one another and push our projects. I’m excited to continue this in the professional world.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design