Stella Thurlow
My main aim during my studies has evolved into an exploration of the female body, in its multitude of forms. This passion was only enhanced when working with the Brazilian-London based designer Karoline Vitto, who’s powerful work empowers women of all body types. Having struggled with my body, as I believe most women can relate to, my most recent project has been a 'Relationship with Self'. Although the collection originated from the exploration of my own body, it is designed for all women. Incorporating powerful cut outs that expose the skin and smocking inspired fabric manipulation that creates interesting volume. Pattern cutting and manufacturing have always been my strongest and most favoured part of my course. I love how these skills can be used to create garments that positively influence individuals and their confidence. Moving into the industry, using my skills, I would like to assist inclusive designers with making pieces that empower the wearer.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design