Alia Moon
I am BA (Hons) Fashion Design student. My focus has been on joyful print and colour, having sustainability at the forefront of all my design decisions. My final year project, entitled 'Detox Dopamine', questions the avoidance of colour in Western clothing as well as the toxic practices currently used to create colour within the industry. Through my collection, I have invited colour back into our wardrobes with 'Dopamine Dressing', a trend encouraging people to clothe themselves in a way which boosts their mood, through bold colours, textures, and silhouettes. Self-expression is the core of what I aim to create, and I am inspired by the abstract expressionist art of Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchel when creating print work, with expressive brushstrokes and zesty colours. After university, I intend to travel for a year, while gaining work experience in the fashion industry through placements in association with Segura, a sustainable and ethical supply-chain mapping solution company.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design