Heidi Salmon
As a BA (Hons) Fashion design student, I have recently been exploring the power behind traditional femininity and its rejection in modern society. My project aims to combine traditional feminine techniques including pleats, with opposing fabrics such as denim. I aim to capture the strength of femininity and defy the negative stereotypes surrounding it. I am fortunate to have experienced working on film sets, in the drapes department. This has allowed me to understand the demands of working in industry, as well as providing me with a strong interest to design clothing for film. My involvement in the pattern cutting and manufacturing of leather train seats for a train set resulted in the development of my skills in these areas. Over three years, despite the restrictions of COVID 19, I have practiced vital skills such as time management, problem solving, and teamwork. I am excited to combine my knowledge of fashion design and manufacture, with my passion for costume design in the future.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design