Kitty Scott Barber
My work is heavily inspired by military combat uniforms and vintage workwear. It started with interviewing my uncle Colonel Robin Cole whose mother June was one of 12 women who were the first to fly planes in the Second World War for the war effort. He told me about her uniform, how they all had to wear men’s uniforms, and how it was far too big for her. This inspired me to create a unisex, ready-to-wear, military-inspired product line of functional garments with a focus on durability. They are designed as a modern take on traditional workwear and utility garments. My fabrics and trims are 80% second-hand or deadstock, such as the khaki Craig Green polycotton. The branding on my pieces is all machine embroidered which gives the pieces some unique and unusual details. I hope to continue to create garments and other pieces after university. I want to explore some different fashion-related jobs. I hope to do an internship at an interior design company in London over the summer.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design