Isabel Hilton
My concept explores the idea of Heaven on Earth, drawing upon religious and spiritual views of heaven and how these images originate from things that already exist on earth. Leading into an attempt to highlight the beauty of nature and the human experience on earth and the way in which the natural wonders and beauty of earth can make us feel small. My project also experiments with several different textiles processes such as princess pleating, shirring and needle punching. I have explored the processes of natural dying using resources that have come naturally from earth, such as rhubarb root, and coffee. This causes less of a negative impact on the environment and also aligns with my concept of appreciating all that is naturally provided to us by earth. Not only that but I have made sure to source only natural and sustainable fabrics. For example, used corn fabric (which is made from fermented plant sugars derived from corn), and also used bamboo cotton and jersey and natural linen.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design