chaemin Nam
The notion of surrealism, the willingness to challenge imposed value and norms, dragged me into re-identifying the uncanny allure, an unconventional hybrid, for my final year collection. Through exploring surrealism and tradition (Korean tradition), I aim to challenge standardised beauty and refine the new genre of beautifulness. I have combined my passions for creative pattern cutting and print design to create a luxurious and modern collection. My design practices include a lot of hand pleating and screen-printing details, and the process was slow and challenging. I understand the whole process of textiles and learned the problem-solving process and it helped me to create this beautiful collection. Moreover, creating print became one of my favourite projects throughout my study, from hand drawing with watercolours and different media to digital development. I would love to keep my journey as a designer and pattern cutter, discovering creative and innovative hybrids in the future.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design