Lily Hallum - HouseofHallum
The concept behind my FMP, ‘The voyeur and the view’, points to voyeurism and people watching including surveillance. As a nation we can be captured on camera up to 70 times per day. The number of CCTV Cameras in the UK may be as many as 5.2 million, with 1 camera for every 13 people this can feel unsettling to some. However, we also possess the prying eye and have an urge to people watch. In some ways we are all voyeurs. “You might think of ‘voyeurism’ as some whacko sex fetish reserved for perverts and lonely old men, but I think most of us have experienced some sort of urge to people watch” (Ole Marius Joergensen). ‘The voyeur and the view’ explores the power of being the voyeur and the vulnerability of being the view. Peeling back the layers to take control of exposure. Incorporating silhouettes that are strong and revealing to enhance and expose the body. Fabrics like deadstock leathers, translucent chiffons and dissolvable fabric convey the two sides of voyeurism.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design