Rosie Moncrieff
My Name is Rosie Moncrieff and I specialise in lingerie style womenswear, creating daring silhouettes to spark conversation. My collection concept discusses the harmful effects of the purity culture on women. Originally from a small rural village in Norfolk, I have moved to Nottingham City to create connections within the fashion design community. After a year studying foundation Art in Leeds and three years of studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design in Nottingham, I have developed my skill set and practice to enable me to establish my creative identity. 80% of my fabrics are second hand and have been given new life through my collection and the other 20% are locally sourced materials. I ensure that all left over fabric is used in current and future projects as sustainability is something that I feel passionate about and will impact my decision making throughout my career. In the future, I am looking to expand my knowledge within lingerie and start a sustainable slow fashion clothing line.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design