Leah Meldon
I am a Fashion Designer studying in Nottingham. My focus is Womenswear, yet I love expanding my knowledge in other areas. My final project at university is centred around power-dressing, a concept I believe to be outdated and sexist, dressing in masculine garments to be considered powerful. Instead, my collection emphasizes the power of femininity and redefines power-dressing through adapting the suit and pairing tailoring with unconventional aspects like lingerie. Hand-embroidery features throughout this collection as I aimed to celebrate and reintroduce this traditional craft. I am a winner of the Wallis 2023 competition where I had to design an A/W collection for them. I worked alongside the team to develop designs, create technical drawings, source fabric, and communicate with manufacturers which developed my knowledge of this industry. I am a passionate, outgoing individual excited for the future, after graduating I plan to live in London and take whatever opportunities arise.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design