Harriet Preece
My final major project is inspired by Brutalist architecture; when concrete became an invaluable material and inspiring geometric shapes and craftmanship were exaggerated. Architecture known as cold, harsh and ugly: ‘Urban Soft’ follows modernist rules whilst integrating the need for more calming and comforting atmospheres through the use of colour, materials and considerate applications. With a passion for materials, processes and exploring a combination of textile techniques, I celebrate the coming together of embroidery and multimedia with elements of print and weave. I encourage the use of abnormal textiles to create a harmonising juxtaposition to achieve a positively impacting interior design scheme. With previous success in external briefs set by Sanderson Design Group as well as being shortlisted for i-Dott wallpaper competition, I aim to succeed in more design competitions and look forward to a professional interior design lead future.
BA (Hons) Textile Design