Kimarna Powell
My project 'Impulsive Emotions' is inspired by sensory adaptations by focusing on designing unique and playful, wearable art prints manifested from a diverse range of responses from sounds and touch. Inspired by my volunteering within visually impaired charity Mysight, I will be designing from a perspective that helps to include the blind community to explore aesthetics within fashion personally through 3D tactility, textures and technology that will allow an engaging experience. Creating aesthetics through physical touch, but also through appearance too. My unisex streetwear collection will express emotions with multiple interpretations, focusing on the textural communication of art. Also, by using multidisciplinary skills through print, weave, knit and embroidery to enhance my 3D elements. Throughout my final year, I have realised a new passion for abstract textural print design within fashion, which I wish to continue to pursue in my creative career path.
BA (Hons) Textile Design