Tegan Payne
An inspiring trip to Paris has fuelled my passion for my final collection ‘Let Them Eat Cake!’ a famous quote attributed to the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. I was in awe of the adornment of the Palace of Versailles, opulent maximalism is a theme which I carry throughout my project, taking inspiration from the 18th century and giving it a contemporary spin. I love to create bold colourful woven samples, this palette has been inspired by macarons, their Parisian heritage and luxury reputation is a quality my collection conveys while also looking scrumptious enough to eat. I am confident in my hand woven and digital jacquard abilities and have also delved into the craft of passementerie creating elaborate trimmings to complement my samples. I design interior fabrics for high end commercial settings like boutique cafes and grand hotels while injecting a vibrant sense of fun. I hope in my future I get the opportunity to continue to create designs that reflect my personality.
BA (Hons) Textile Design