Alice Newnham-Stebbings
Derived from the idea of reclamation and rewinding, ‘Renea’ aims to preserve the delicate quality of deuteration and imperfection, celebrating lived in textures, such as pealing paints and cracked surfaces, becoming the centre for wild growth. The high-end interior collection demonstrates my interest in transformation and journey, building upon narrative, and longevity as essential values within my design practice. Appreciation towards the way foliage falls and revives itself is investigated through skeletal leaves, contemporary florals and traditional accents, encapsulating a sophisticated and sensitive collection bound by an elegant, uplifting pallet. I have worked to live briefs and won a placement with Sanderson Design Group, enabling me to gain valuable industry experience. As well as further entering competitions such as I-Dott and Bradford, showcasing a professional and industry standard approach. My future plans lie within exploring print design within an interior company.
BA (Hons) Textile Design