Chaeyeon Kang
My graduation project collection contains my personal style as a print textile design student that evolved through the degree process. 'A BALMY WISH' is a luxurious high-end interior collection of a hotel lounge and restaurant. This project aims to give messages about what is authentic happiness in our life. My collection contains ordinary happiness in our daily life by using flowers as an intuitive metaphor. Inspired by Minhwa (Korean traditional folk painting) and Henri Matisse’s painting, my designs embrace honours and artisan style. During my degree, I have developed hand-painting skills with digital development skills and am more fascinated by the interior. I have a strong eye for colours and intricate details. I am also able to apply my design skills to different applications in the industry as an additional winner who gained a placement offer from NEXT Menswear live project. I am now looking forward to the opportunity to work professionally in the design area.
BA (Hons) Textile Design