Yasmin Allsup
'Illusive Streak' is a fun festival collection that represents the idea of being on psychedelics. Flowers and mushrooms are the inspiration for this collection, but they are distorted and interactive elements have been incorporated. Festivals are an immersive experience ,therefore, I wanted to create something that would enhance this for consumers. Fashion and creativity have always been a passion of mine. It is my goal to create, innovate, and establish a brand for myself. I aspire to have my own brand. Growing up, I was pushed to always be creative, as I believe that being creative is a great form of self-expression. As a result of this degree, I have been able to explore the wonderful world of textiles, and specifically print. I have always been captivated by textures however my primary focus is reactive digital printing. This is because I enjoy the way I can transform my sketches and make them come to life.
BA (Hons) Textile Design