Oyindamola Pratt
'A Coarse Tale Pt 2.' is a representation of the contrasting cultural backgrounds, translated through digital printing, multi-head and hand embroidery. Captivated by nostalgic pictures, scenery, hairstyles, phrases, traditional dressing, and sense of understanding of both heritage and cultural upbringings. I have created a series to be interpreted in a high-fashion streetwear collection that brings a sense of identity. I’ve used ethical techniques of natural, recycled resources as well as simplicity of shapes, scales and forms. Combined with a juxtaposition of graphical pop art, fluid drawing and colour gathered by graffiti art, collaging and conceptual sculpting. As a designer, I intend to convey my personality and design journey throughout my textile practice. After my degree, I aspire to evolve my entrepreneurial journey in the fashion print industry: with the guidance and techniques of established designers and companies to gain further experience of designing.
BA (Hons) Textile Design