Finn Mulligan
I am a final year BA (Hons) Graphic Designer. My work speaks a lot about who I am, I tend to focus more on the natural elements I find around me which can be seen in my personal projects. I prefer to be hands-on with my process and outcomes and enjoy creating physical design pieces that can be interacted with. As a designer, I'm responsible for practising sustainably and encourage this to those I may influence with my work. This was a key feature in my fashion branding project which promoted the repair of damaged clothes over replacing them. The design was focused around architecture in Nottingham that had been knocked down and replaced, rather than preserved and repaired as it should have. After graduating I plan to continue pursuing my passion for design. I want to keep meeting and working with like minded people as I have done in my experience at university. A wish of mine would be to work abroad at some point in the near future and broaden my knowledge of design around the world.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design