Maddie Shepherd
As an aspiring professional fashion designer having a keen interest for creating new designs, I first learned how to cut patterns and manufacture clothes from my Granny when I was 6. I’ve been honing my skills ever since! I am excited about the future and can't wait to see mad.shep develop as a brand. My final project references doll stereotypes and their various meanings. It's crucial to remember that most men don’t find dolls to be more alluring than women. The physical attributes of dolls are one explanation. Dolls with emphasised characteristics could be viewed as more appealing. Following this, I focused on encouraging women's empowerment; it was crucial to make sure the idea wasn't overly sexualised. I purposefully chose to utilise a baby doll face in the design rather than a Barbie’s in order to accomplish this. The baby doll's face is a potent symbol that communicates power and authority without resorting to sexualization or objectification. It stands for innocence & purity.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design