Lois Williams
Following the pandemic, our relationship with technology was heightened to a new level, with the boundary between physical and digital becoming one. Although this new digital world is enticing, we should always keep in touch with the one we live in. This has led to my project titled 'Digiverse', where I explored the space where technology and nature merge. Through utilising technology, embroidery, and hand processes, I've reimagined the beauty found in nature to develop mesmerising textures and structure. A forward-thinking conceptual concept which has allowed me to be as creative as possible to create otherworldly designs for fashion that could work within the physical and digital world. As well as flourishing in a conceptual project, I have recently been a finalist in a Wallis live brief which shows my ability to create diverse designs to answer market driven briefs. I'm very interested in the fashion sector and would love to develop my creativity and innovation within a design role.
BA (Hons) Textile Design