Annabelle Moore
I am Annabelle Moore, specialising in woven textiles for fashion and accessories. My final major project ‘Craving Authenticity’ is a collection that celebrates the beauty of everyday places. As a Londoner, I have witnessed so much change in the place I have grown up through gentrification and the loss of authenticity, while functional settings such as the launderette and greasy spoon cafe are unique in representing something timeless. Being guided by the process of quick sketches and documentary photography, my collection aims to take a playful approach, through motif-based jacquard fabric based on illustrative visual research. Through my hand weaving I aim to bring a contemporary mood to classic woven structures, as well as give a nod to their traditional context. Wider cultural context is at the heart of my work and in the future, I hope to work in a creative role that enables me to use my curiosity that has been the driving force of my outcomes throughout my degree.
BA (Hons) Textile Design