Bismah Suhail
'Desert Ferrari' is a streetwear print collection inspired by my six-month placement in the Middle East. Blending elements of futuristic Dubai & rural Arabian heritage through exciting visual elements, capturing a new hybridity of Eastern and Western design. This project is influenced by my day-to-day sightings of automotive design, carpet craftsmanship & fluid calligraphy shapes. Designing with a sustainable approach to create timeless prints, the digitalisation of my hand painted explorations establishes a modern aesthetic demonstrating my personal style as a creative. My love for evolving trends and innovative fashion aesthetics drives me to explore these digital developments & uncover new possibilities within my project. Fashion photography, typography & art direction heavily influence me as a creative individual within my print work. Combining these with my strong eye for colour & aesthetic design I am eager to seek art direction & trend curation roles in industry.
BA (Hons) Textile Design