Hwawon Cho
‘Cities: 2100’ is a textile design collection, intended for an interior decoration application, that embraces key elements of earth: nature, humanity and technology. In the collection, I evaluate the important issues facing the planet and propose how a different perspective of the relationship between those elements could forge a path to a new future. By utilising different conceptual designs and techniques, I have embraced the themes of bold, symbolic, futuristic and romantic in each of my pieces. In selecting themes to integrate in each of my final designs, I have taken advantage of my passion to convey narratives via the medium of textile design. During my degree, I have established a passion for print textile design, resulting in multiple opportunities, including internship experiences at De Gournay and Parry Murray. With a foundation, cemented by the completion of my degree, I look forward to exploring professional opportunities in design and textiles in the future.
BA (Hons) Textile Design