Bryony Harper
I feel I have learnt so much along this journey. Using my own experiences as my main inspiration for my work I create quite personal pieces that I hope resonate with others. Throughout my textiles journey I have experimented thoroughly and believe I have finally found my creative handwriting through surface design, creating a fun, quirky and playful style. Inspired by personal childhood memories and experiences, ‘Quirky Comfort’ uses uplifting designs and playful expression, to create an immersive feeling of nostalgic well-being. Eccentric collage and illustrative techniques are identified throughout and with design responsibility at the forefront of this project, the innovative lively patchwork allows a place for slow crafts and upcycling. The combination of digital designs, screen print, passementerie, lace and other handmade traditional crafts creates a perfected SS24 womenswear loungewear collection for young adults to appreciate and enjoy.
BA (Hons) Textile Design