Gemmie Garrard
'Urban Glitch' is influenced by finding beauty in waste, weaving with recycled and varied materials and finding beauty in the unexpected. Inspired by brutalism and the Bauhaus art movement, 'Urban Glitch' focuses on material qualities and sustainability to create an experimental and tactile collection of textile installations such as wall hangings, sculptures and lampshades for luxury interiors, that promotes well-being in the home. Weaving with copper and monofilament explores light reflections and translucency as well as using recycled cables and paper yarn gives a structural approach with weft inlay and honeycomb techniques to represent my inspirations. Jacquards and prints create a contrast towards the materials used in my hand-woven samples and harness an illustrative approach. I have previously undertaken a work placement with Margo Selby for six weeks which gave me an insight into the textile industry, working with colour and designing for a market.
BA (Hons) Textile Design