Francesca Winwood Bratchell
My inspiration throughout this project has come from my dissertation topic which explored the idea of 'Forgotten Mealtimes' in which discussed how food and mealtimes are an integral part of society and culture, reviewing how important they are for people and their relationships with others. Throughout my contextual research I’ve been looking into artist who capture the beauty of mealtimes, especially capturing the stains on plates, which are left after meals. I want to design a collection which captures this playful idea of creating a space for connection and a relaxed comforting atmosphere, inspired by the chaotic ness of dining. As a woven textiles specialist, I aimed to explore how woven textiles can be applied to this concept, through different tactile techniques and materials. This collection is a diverse collection with designs applicable for different spaces all of which are surrounding a conversation pit/ dinner table setting, aiming to create and enforce relationships.
BA (Hons) Textile Design