Francesca Corbridge
As a fashion designer, I constantly push myself to think of new creative ways to contribute to the fashion industry. This is something I want to keep looking at as I expand on CLO3D and sharpen my skills with AR and the immersive world. The ability to customise shopping and design experiences in a virtual environment opens up more possibilities for the future of fashion. My studies have always centred on textures, and I believe that I have always created new techniques and textures to maintain the industry's innovative spirit. It's an opportunity for designers and customers to collaborate and produce authentic clothes which reflect your personal taste. We allow you to express yourself through our trademark procedures to produce wardrobe staples. We provide a 1-1 service, which is a journey for us to work with consumers to design a pair of denims that are tailored to your preferences. No two jeans can be the same with our variety of methods and textures.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design