Charlotte Goldfinch
‘Bringing the Outside In’ is motivated by my passion for the Arts and Crafts Movement. Inspired by my visit to Charleston House in East Sussex, known as the renowned radical meeting venue for artists, writers and philosophers - collectively recognised as The Bloomsbury Group. My collection embraces those playful, bold painterly patterns which they were known for. Imagery gathered from botanical gardens and Charleston House has inspired my colour palette, patterns and textures to encapsulate the uplifting emotions evoked in the garden to an interior setting. Combining both traditional crafts and digital techniques has enabled me to generate a contemporary high-end interior collection. Alongside my Textiles degree, I was delighted to win a place to work at Sanderson's Design Group after participating in the Live Brief 2022 competition. This insight into the industry elevated my knowledge and enthusiasm to pursue my desired career path within the exciting world of textile design.
BA (Hons) Textile Design