Martha Pargiter
'Language of Flowers' is a painterly and digitally created mid-market homeware collection inspired by the cut flower trade and the environmental effects of the consumerist lifestyle. My aim is to incorporate the connection we have with nature into floral and botanical designs, while also conveying the range of emotions and feelings that different flowers can evoke. The collection takes a more conscientious approach to encourage meaningful and sustainable purchases, by using sustainable production methods and promoting longevity. My passion is developing painted pieces in various media and then translating them into digitally refined designs, but I also enjoy creating new physical surfaces by preserving nature in paper and clay. As I have a passion for digital design, I found working on a brief for Scion Living and entering a digitally developed design for the Aga Cookshop competition great experience for my hopeful career within digital design.
BA (Hons) Textile Design