Beatrice Watson
'Men Redressed' is a collection of tailored skirts for men. My inspiration for this project stems from the stigma associated with men wearing skirts. By questioning traditional masculine standards, this collection aims to reimagine menswear. My designs take inspiration from Roman architecture and focuses on the textures, details, and structure. In this collection, a variety of embroidery, fabric manipulation, and print techniques are used to explore these elements. As a designer specialising in embroidery, I have developed a passion for creating exciting textures through a range of experimentation. During my degree, I also developed a strong interest in recycling materials and repurposing discovered materials, which I now incorporate into many of my processes. By winning the NEXT Menswear live project brief, and by following industry-set briefs, I've gained valuable experience which I aim to develop further as I am hoping to pursue a career in fashion after I graduate.
BA (Hons) Textile Design