Amy Jayne Foxon
‘APRICUS’ is the Latin word for ‘full of sunlight’ and this title reflects my natural influences of organic textures, foliage and shadows found within the wanders of nature. Capturing the present moment of time within nature through my primary exploration into wet cyanotypes has been very exciting to me. Its unpredictable textures and figurative prints of foliage creates immediate nostalgic connection to the outdoors, providing familiar comfort and the feeling of calmness. I wanted my collection to have a very natural and handcrafted feel and using nature within my slow process for cyanotypes has allowed me to achieve that, along with using natural fibres such as wool, silk and cotton. I am so passionate about print design and the stylisation of final collections, and I cannot wait to go into the textile industry doing what excites me every day. I want to continue my research into other slow processes for my future sustainability practices.
BA (Hons) Textile Design