Toby Woodruff
I'm Toby, a digital illustrator. I enjoy working with 2D blocks of colour and shapes that look like people! I like making characters who look flat and not quite right, I don't bother too much with accurate anatomy or realistic rendering as I think it's a bit boring. I typically make most of my illustrations in photoshop with the straight lasso tool and my mouse, it's definitely a good way to take perfectionism away! Generally I don't like taking my illustrations too seriously, they're quite self indulgent and I like to play into my own interests and personal experiences. A project I really enjoyed was about normalising birthmarks and giving them a more desirable spotlight because I have a birthmark and although it's small I still struggled with it growing up. Currently my next plans are to keep working on a sarcastic anthology style book of a girl who was a bit too indecisive and decides to let obscure fortune telling methods do it all for her and it gets kind of crazy!!
BA (Hons) Illustration