Jiahui Zong
Hello! I’m Jiahui Zong, an illustrator and designer. As a creator, I love exploring a wide range of media and materials, such as digital painting, animation and game design. The content of my work could roughly be divided into three directions: ideas I gained from personal experiences, theoretical concepts from disciplines such as psychology and philosophy, and traditional Chinese culture. Due to my cultural background, I am passionate about using Chinese elements in my work. After three years of studying BA (Hons) Illustration in Nottingham, my work often blends Chinese and Western culture, one of which is my work 'Family', a board game. This project aims to discuss the duality of traditional Chinese family culture. The board game's interactivity allows players to better understand and explore traditional family culture by simulating Chinese family. In the future, I will continue to study and research in this field to become a professional creator.
BA (Hons) Illustration