Rosie Somerville
I am a costume maker with a passion for design and construction. I love making costumes, specifically pattern drafting and historical clothing as I find the development of clothing throughout history very interesting. For my final year project I made a 1799 inspired dress for a production of 'Sleepy Hollow' featuring a heavily embroidered silk velvet cloak with fur lining and tree detailing to give the impression of a ghostly figure phasing through trees and warping the viewers perception. In my free time I run a social media account dedicated to designing costumes based on famous characters and costumes. This has helped grow my skills and I enjoy replicating intricate details in a huge range of mediums include fabric, foam, wigs and props. This has given me many opportunities including working with brands, attending events and being supplied materials such as fibre optic fabric.
BA (Hons) Design for Stage and Screen (Costume Design and Construction)