Niamh Lily Ward
As a recent graduate with BA (Hons) in Costume Design and Making, I have honed my skills in costume construction, specialising in the practical aspects of bringing a costume to life. Through various briefs and projects during my time at university, I have gained a wealth of experience in both designing and constructing costumes, allowing me to explore different approaches and techniques in the field. With a deep understanding of costume functionality and process, I am highly capable in both design and construction. In my design work, I enjoy exploring characterisation and creativity, while in construction, I excel in working with textiles, embroidery, and pattern cutting. I am particularly interested in the fine details of costume design, especially in embellishments, which I believe can truly elevate a costume and bring it to life. I am passionate about the art of costume design and the crucial role it plays in bringing a character and story to life on stage or screen.
BA (Hons) Design for Stage and Screen (Costume Design and Construction)