Maximilian Mitchell
I work across multiple disciplines, from illustration, collage, and book making, to animation, sculpture and scanography. Always blending analogue and digital methods, collecting textures, found objects, and architecture to be used in future creations. Creative architecture, utopian imagery, parkour, and conscious playground design drive my work, thinking about environments and spaces we engage with on a physical and philosophical level. I want to produce work that promotes an open, playful mentality, and questions the confined subtext of public spaces and architecture. An ambition of mine is to build a playground. Through my time at NTU, I've handmade the book 'STONE CODEX,' worked with sculpture, developed animation skills, screened at two film festivals, and worked on designs with Storror and Tom la Haine. In the future, I'd love to work across a range of opportunities, make creative connections, and contribute to the industry, notably of parkour, through visual culture and more.
BA (Hons) Illustration