Aredee Pericleous
I’m Aredee, an illustrator and creative, I'm passionate about surface design and tangible artwork. I believe it's a crucial skill to be able to create welcoming, safe, and playful environments. I am a feminist and often subjects of injustice are at the centre of the work I produce. My own personal experiences have played a huge part in the type of illustrator I have become today. As a survivor of sexual assault and a creative I feel a level of responsibility to create work that offers comfort and justice to other victims. Through reflecting on my experiences and creating pieces for my personal healing journey, I now frequently find myself responding to global topics in motion with feminism and inequality. My artistic style remains adaptable and versatile, allowing me to explore various methods of visual expression. Above all, I prioritise the context and message I aim to convey through my illustrations as the most crucial aspect of my work.
BA (Hons) Illustration