Kirsty Lloyd
Hi! You can find me anywhere under the name Merløreli. I am a Nottingham based illustrator with a background in art and design and also visual communication. My work focuses around wildlife with a particular focus on nature in the UK. An significant part to my work is the want to inform and educate a range of ages through my creative practice. This range of work is a showcase of what I've been up to throughout the past year. My outcomes are presented in a variety of formats. I particularly enjoy learning new skills and mediums to add to my ever growing collection. Tying all my work together this year, a theme of preserving, protecting and learning about UK wildlife aimed at a younger audience. These projects are based around urban, woodland and coastal nature. I've had the privilege of working with some wonderful wildlife charities this year, which has allowed my confidence to grow in my work. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
BA (Hons) Illustration