Louise Wise
Studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design, I fell in love with pattern cutting, illustration, and the process of handcrafting building blocks that bring a 2D idea to life. I strive to tell stories inspired by my upbringing and the feelings of it in my designs. The narratives I construct are personal – rooted in both fantasy and reality by crossing paths of past and present, modernity with tradition, to re-imagine nostalgia. I believe it is imperative to consider the past to construct the future, provide sanctuary and prioritise comfort, as fashion is at its core, meant to be lived in. This belief is evident in my final major project, 'DREAMSCAPES IN RETROSPECT'. A love letter to bygone imagined hypotheticals and fairy tales, it reflects childhood innocence and girlhood through a retrospective lens, and responds to a universal yearning for blissful ignorance. My goal is to encourage people to reconnect with their past, rekindle their emotions, and build narratives that are made to last.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design