Livia Harcan
With sustainability in mind, my graduate collection is a sartorial 'mockumentary' of my experience growing up in Eastern Europe. "Nothing is More Vulgar Than Sophisticated Kitsch" is injected with hints of self irony and nostalgia for my home country Romania, whilst also celebrating my rich cultural heritage. A marriage between sportswear and glamour. The first look is made up of a structured neoprene dress derived from the classic tracksuit jacket and layered underneath is a lace print football tee which was inspired by traditional Romanian carpets. These are styled with an upcycled skirt made from vintage curtains and doilies, reminiscent of my grandmother's home décor in Romania. Similarly, the second look has a reworked vintage doilies jacket and laser mastered jeans in the same florals. What I loved most was organising the styling for the final photoshoot and creative directing therefore after graduating I plan to focus on this whilst also working on my personal upcycling brand.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design