Jess Mak
During my time studying for my Bachelor of Arts degree, I have been primarily focused on developing my pattern cutting skills. I have a particular interest in creating sculptural silhouettes that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment and the human form. While challenging, I have learned a great deal during my studies and I aspire to continue practicing and refining my pattern cutting techniques beyond my time at NTU. My creative concepts are heavily influenced by my desire to express myself and connect with the people and environment around me through clothing, which I see as a powerful tool for communicating emotion. I love to create garments that serve as an immersive environment for individuals to experience, using colors and shapes to influence mood. Yohji Yamamoto and Irina Dzhus are two designers whom I admire greatly for their innovative and conceptual approaches to clothing design. Here is an outfit from my second year work.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design