JoMin Kim
I am a multilingual, nature loving knitwear design student with a creative background in womenswear fashion design. I have created "Biophilia & Biomimicry," a collection of texturous knitwear and organic silhouettes inspired by the natural and synthetic worlds. My story is about flowers and nature’s growth, surrounding the human body and reflecting the beauty of nature. There are various fluid fabrics that move softly and feature floral and gradation nature motif colours in perfect harmony. This collection celebrates the positive aesthetics of nature reviving, exploring how flowers, trees, and even ocean water entangle and live around humans. By exploring techniques in texture, colour, and volume, I create limitless boundaries. This final year collection was supported by Novetex Textiles' yarn sponsorship. My aspiring passion for knitwear and respect for nature, promises an inspiring sustainably designed collection.
BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles