Penny-Rose Clay
Naturally gravitating towards more tactile knitted textiles, I’ve been wanting to push myself more when it comes to knitting techniques and luckily this year I fell in love with the universal knit machine which allowed me to do so. Within my final year I was awarded second prize with my sample created on the universal for the Yeoman Yarns design competition. My project ‘Alpine Groove’, is inspired by the aesthetics of 60s skiwear and captures the vibrant and joyful essence of the era. Within this collection I explore exaggerated shapes and silhouettes with pompom trims. Along with tactile fabrics that mimic retro patterns and textures found within snowy landscapes such as linear ski tracks. In addition, I have experimented with accessories such as socks and gloves that encapsulate the notion of thermal wear. After graduation, I want to venture out of the UK and move to Europe where I look forward to finding new and exciting opportunities within the fashion and textiles industry.
BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design & Knitted Textiles